January 2015 Newsletter

Greetings family in Christ! We thank and praise God for the Gospel of Jesus Christ—which continues to permeate our hearts and transform us on a daily basis. We want to update everyone on what’s transpired over the course of our 2014 ministry season, in which—to the praise of God—we have participated in sixty-two ministry events so far this year.   

July-“It’s So Simple” Release 

It's So Simple Album
It's So Simple Album

After a season of twelve spring ministry events, Adam’s Road released “It’s So Simple,” our ministry’s seventh album, in July of 2014. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is its central focus. Reiterated in many ways and throughout various songs, the simple Gospel message is clearly and thoroughly expressed with God’s Word.

We were blessed to have included some guest artists on this most recent project. The ambitious musical venture of God Is Love, for example, combines rich cello melodies, string swells, and choral sections with the incredible vocal talents of guest singer Chris Leonard. There is a battle raging between the forces of good and evil, and nothing depicts this more accurately than the Armor Of God.  The subdued and moody message and music of the song’s verses is contrasted with the conquering tones of its choruses, where we are urged to put on the armor of God. This song highlights the passionate and powerful singing of guest artists John Devito. Jonathan Shaw also contributed as a guest artist to Slaves and Engraved.

Featured in a few songs, including Eternal Life, guest cellist Norma Huff skillfully plays warm and deep tones that melt the heart. Violinist Nathanael Stone—a contributor to previous Adam’s Road projects—fills the album with beautifully played violin parts, as can be heard on Reconciled. Finally, vocalist Katie Warren, wife of band member Joseph Warren, is fully integrated into the blend and sound of this project, presented as a main background vocalist, occasionally singing gentle and touching leads.

Summer Midwest Trip

Adam's Road Joseph and Katie
Katie Warren performing with Adam's Road

In July of 2015, before heading out of state for seven weeks, we shared with Calvary Chapel of Merritt Island, Florida, on a Sunday evening. This event was a milestone, because “It’s So Simple” guest vocalist, Katie Warren (wife of Joseph Warren), participated in an Adam’s Road live ministry program for the first time. Her angelic vocals were a welcomed addition to the live event, and she would be joining us for our summer and fall trips of 2014.

We headed to the Midwest in mid-July to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was the longest Eastern U.S. trip we had done since 2008, and included a span of seven Sundays and twenty-nine events.

One of the highlights of the trip took place in the Chicago area. By the providence of God, doors were opened at the last minute for Adam’s Road member Micah Wilder to be reunited for the first time in ten years with a very special man. Pastor Alan Benson, who first shared the Gospel with Micah when he was a Mormon missionary, now saw face-to-face a transformed Christ-follower. Micah, with Adam’s Road ministry, has spent the past eight years testifying to the miraculous message of God’s Gospel. Micah’s initial encounter with Pastor Benson has become a nearly infamous detail in his conversation story: familiar amongst believers who now support and follow the progress of Adam’s Road. The beauty and impact of this reunion can hardly be expressed with words! Those among whom the apostle Paul ministered were his joy and crown. Surely Christ, working through Micah and the rest of the Adam’s Road members, are now a portion of Alan Benson’s joy and crown.

Micah Wilder and Pastor Alan Benson
Micah with Pastor Benson

At Bethel Baptist Church (the church Alan Benson pastors), during the Sunday morning service, Micah shared a heart-felt, emotional, and detailed account of his journey into Christ. After sharing the majority of the length of his testimony before the congregation, Micah finally disclosed that Pastor Benson was the one God used to bring the message of the Gospel to him as a young, Mormon missionary ten years ago. This was met with a response of gasps, while Pastor Benson broke down into tears at that point. What a beautiful and joyous thing it is to witness the Gospel bear fruit!

The last event was in Chester, Illinois at Grace Church. We were overwhelmed with love and support from the pastor and congregation. We shared for their Sunday morning service, and were graced by God to continue in presenting passionately the message of the Gospel. We were amazed at the refreshing quality of God’s grace, as we were renewed in the Holy Spirit and through the Word of God as we shared the truth—all of this coming off the heels of a recent death in the Adam’s Road family.    

Having a grandparent move on into eternity wasn’t the only change, however. Around the corner in Tennessee was a young man excited about the move of God in his life: his path was about to cross Adam’s Road, as we were wrapping up a busy and fruitful season of ministry in the Midwest.

Adam’s Road Ministers in Texas

Adam's Road Calvary Houston
Ministering at Calvary Houston

After a whopping ten days with the families at home, it was off to the road again. Adam’s Road would be ministering for the following five Sundays and weeks in Texas. The trip included seventeen events. Sunday morning at Connect Church of Fort Worth was the debut of JP Garrison with the ministry. He shared testimony and sang with the group for the first time. We thank God for the church leadership there, who were touched by God through our online testimonies, and allowed us to come and minister to their congregation. It was an exciting and wonderful way to begin the trip, as we praised God with members of the congregation afterward for the goodness of His grace in kindness towards us all in saving us!

We praise God for the boldness and zeal of a Christian woman from Fellowship Bible Church in Texarkana, who invited a couple of female LDS (Mormon) missionaries to the Sunday evening event. The missionary couple heard the Gospel through Micah Wilder’s testimony before deciding to take an early exit. We wanted to remind the believers there that hearing the Gospel as a Mormon can be a hard thing to stomach—because it contradicts the LDS belief about salvation. Being shaken up can be a good sign, as we reiterated that the Word of God is penetrating and sharper than a two-edged sword. Perhaps the Gospel message brought conviction. At any rate, we pray for these two young women, and thank God for the Christian woman who was bold and loving enough to invite them.

The month of October brought us into Houston as a ministry for the first time, where we spent nearly two weeks. We shared eight full-length Adam’s Road Gospel presentations over an eleven-day span while in Houston. Events included Calvary Chapel West Houston, Calvary Houston, and Central Baptist Church, for example. As the love of God embraced the believers at many of these final events, some were overwhelmed with the power of the Gospel message. There are different ways people react to this, but the same Spirit and the same Lord who administers this love and grace. Some react with joyful shouting, while others with peaceful crying. 

2014 Praise Reports

Former Mormon Woman Encounters Jesus

A woman from the northeast contacted this ministry last winter. She was compelled to do so after her exposure to the Adam’s Road online ministry presence as well as Lynn Wilder’s book, Unveiling Grace. She has since completely left the Mormon Church for a personal and saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The winter and spring included an interactive season of her coordinating with the Adam’s Road Ministry as she immediately, excitedly, and willingly began absorbing the truth of God’s Word, reading the entire New Testament in a matter of a few weeks!  

In her own words: “I am truly changed in Jesus. Most amazing is I find myself deeply humbled and full of love that Christ gave us this gift of grace. I feel like a film has been removed from my eyes and I see light and love everywhere. I see God's creation more keenly that I had before. I want to study scripture where before I found that boring. I feel the love of Christ keenly when reading his word…”

Local Mormon Man Renounces His Religion for Jesus Christ

A male LDS convert stumbled upon members of Adam’s Road at the Edgewater Hotel. After numerous visits and discussions in God’s Word, including participation in the Adam’s Road “Book of Life Fellowship” weekly bible studies, God opened this man’s eyes to the deception of the Mormon Religion.

He accepted the Lord back in 2009, and was seeking to live a life of holiness that honored and glorified the Lord Jesus Christ. In pursuit of this, he ran into some Mormon missionaries a couple of years ago, and ended up joining the LDS religion. However, in light of his recent submergence into the truth of God’s Word, he become more sensitive to particular untruths of Mormonism, and more easily disturbed by certain elements of the religion: from his accounting, for example, the religion seemed to focus heavily on the revering and honoring of a man, Joseph Smith, more so perhaps than it focused on the Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, he came to view this as idol worship, and God gave him a renewed desire to re-centralize his focus on the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. He openly renounced

Mormonism, and made a decision to stop attending the local LDS congregation in Clermont, Florida.         

Teenage Boy Has Life-Changing Encounter with God

As mentioned, at a mid-week ministry event at First Baptist Church of Kahoka, Missouri, we were blessed to witness a teenage boy embrace Jesus Christ for the first time. He was not a part of that local church, came in from off the streets, and sat through the entire Adam’s Road Gospel program. After the event, he enthusiastically shared with us that his life was forever changed! Praise God!

Young Girl and Middle-Aged Married Couple Accept Jesus at Adam’s Road Ministry Event

At Elevation Community Church in Blanchester, OH, a young girl publically accepted Jesus at the close of the Adam’s Road ministry presentation. A married couple attending the event also made a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Staying the Course

Adam’s Road is excited about what lies ahead on this road as unified Christ followers. So begins a new season for the ministry, Lord permitting, full of opportunities to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, online, and on the road.

Locally, we continue to host a weekly Bible study at the Edgewater Hotel while not on tour. We begin our “Book of Life Fellowship” at 6:30 PM on Wednesdays in the third floor lobby. The address is 99 W. Plant St. in Winter Garden, Florida. All are welcome to attend. Just call the number posted by the phone at the first floor front desk, and we’ll give you an elevator ride up to the third floor of the building to the meeting.

We are also seeking to continue in building relationships and working together with the Body of Christ both locally and elsewhere in our common purpose of sharing the Gospel and building up the body of believers. If anyone has interest in working together with us for the common purpose of the Gospel, please don’t hesitate to connect with us via our website contact page.

As always—and Lord permitting—we plan on writing, recording, and producing another Adam’s Road lyrical song album during the 2014-2015 winter/spring season. The message of the songs will be centralized in God’s Word, and the finished album will be offered free of charge, like the rest of our music. We will keep you updated as the project nears completion. If you haven’t already you can download or order all of our previous albums here.

We hope to continue in expanding our online presence, for the sake of distributing the Gospel message and increasing our influence for Christ as God allows. Some new video projects underway include the production, printing, and eventual distribution of an Adam’s Road Live Event DVD. For those who have never had the chance to watch Adam’s Road minister live, this will be available soon online. Also, plans are underway for the filming and production of a new Adam’s Road testimony documentary. Lord willing, this is planned to feature Pastor Benson and others that influenced Micah with the Word of God and how it branched out from there. We are very excited about this project because we saw such a huge impact from the testimony documentary “Unveiling Grace,” which Sacred Groves Online produced about us four years ago. We are hoping this will encourage the Body of Christ to not be ashamed of the Gospel, because it truly is the power of God to salvation to all who believe. Adam’s Road is also in the process of releasing online live-performed instrumental videos that present the Gospel message through a unique combination of scripture verses, nature footage, and live piano footage.

We have begun making plans for our 2015 ministry season, which will include a trip to the Western States in June and July, and then a trip to the Eastern States in August and September. The Western States trip will probably include Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, California, and then New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana on the way home. The Eastern trip may include Illinois, Ohio, New York, the North East, and then some of the coastal states. If anyone is near any of those areas, and is interested in having Adam’s Road come and share, please contact us through our website. Please keep up-to-date with our schedule by visiting our calendar.

We praise God for the journey he’s taken us on over the course of the past year, and look forward to discovering what lies ahead on Adam’s Road. We give God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ all the praise, honor, and glory for providing for, sustaining, and enabling us to declare the blessed riches of His glorious Gospel!